Birthday Party On-the-Go: 5 Desserts That Travel Well

Birthday Party On-the-Go: 5 Desserts That Travel Well

Sarah Rae Smith
May 18, 2011

Throwing a party at a public park or any other location away from home can sometimes seem like a logistical nightmare. Figuring out what decorations you can bring and where you can hang them is enough to put you in a tizzy. When it comes to transporting the all-important birthday cake, however, well that's when the headaches really start — especially if you're moving them via mass transit. Here are five ideas for birthday party desserts that travel well.

1. Desserts in Jars: Folks came out of the woodwork to share their thoughts on this idea recently. Some love it, and some hate it, but I'm sticking with it being an awesome way to transport snacks without fear of mess or fuss. No cake carrier, no sliding cupcakes and it can all be made well in advance!

2. Liquid Boozy Desserts: Chocolate beers and the like are all the rage these days. Why not drink your dessert from an easy-to-carry bottle instead? There's all sorts of dessert-inspired drinks to be had and why not take it one step further? Find one you can light on fire for a quick show to make things all the more festive!

3. An Individual Birthday-Boy or Girl Dessert There's nothing wrong with bringing a single cupcake for just the special person. It would fit nicely in one of those small single-size cupcake carriers and with a funky candle, it can still be quite festive! Bring a second, more easily transportable dessert for everyone else (bar cookies, etc.). This might not work as well with children in attendance, but for adults, most will be just fine with this option.

4. Desserts that Can Be Frosted Onsite: Just because you are taking the next train to your local park for a bash doesn't mean you can't have cake. Instead, try keeping things un-iced and bring your icing with you. You'll need a spatula and potentially a cookie scoop to ice things quickly. This video is a great reminder of how simple it can really be!

5. Anything Without Frosting: Cakes and cupcakes are difficult to transport due to frosting issues. So why bother? Try doing something less traditional. Doughnuts, candies or even fruit that can be cut up upon your arrival instead of worrying about things flipping over or sticking together during your next bus or train ride. In addition, pies are a great substitution and their carriers are better built; here are a few of our favorites.

What are your favorite recipes and tips for birthday parties away from home?

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(Image: Flickr member Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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