Best Gluten-Free Foods for a Camping Trip?

Best Gluten-Free Foods for a Camping Trip?

Faith Durand
Jan 18, 2011

Q: I am the co-leader of a Girl Scout troop of junior high-aged girls. One of our new scouts is gluten-free and we would LOVE some tips for what to cook on a campout! We plan to take a week long camping trip this summer and any ideas for fun, camp-friendly, and cheap food that everyone can enjoy would be great!

Usually we would make such "healthy" options as pie-iron pizzas (white bread with pizza sauce and cheese in the middle), hobo pies (white bread with pie filling in the middle), ramen, smores, and lots of sandwiches — all of which are gluten heavy! Besides just buying some expensive "gluten-free" bread, what are some options?

Sent by Suzy

Editor: Suzy, how about swapping out pizzas and bread for some stew? You can make big batches cheaply and heat them up over the campfire. (Just don't thicken it with flour; try potato starch instead.)

Bring a lot of fruit, and perhaps just one loaf of gluten-free bread or some gluten-free wraps for lunches on the go.

And for dessert, you don't have to forego S'Mores (such a tradition!) — most marshmallows are gluten-free (although you should doublecheck to be sure), and instead of graham crackers you can bring a batch of these extremely chewy chocolate cookies. Honestly, they're better with marshmallows than those crunchy crackers anyway!

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Readers, what would you suggest?


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