Warming Food and...? How Do You Use Your Microwave?

Warming Food and...? How Do You Use Your Microwave?

Emma Christensen
Feb 7, 2011

I was contemplating my microwave the other day as I waited for my coffee to reheat. This is a hulking thing that takes up a fair amount of counterspace, and I've had one in every apartment I've ever lived in. I could get rid of it, sure, but I'm more curious about using it to its full potential. So, please share: how do you use your microwave?

Reheating is really what the microwave does best, I think. Zapping my leftovers back to life or warming up my cup of coffee seems infinitely easier and more efficient in the microwave than it would be to pull out pots and pans.

I also use my microwave for warming milk and melting butter when baking. Again, it's efficient. But I also feel like there's less risk that I'll scorch the milk or brown the butter. I find it easier to control the temperature, for some reason. Melting chocolate is another thing that I actually prefer doing in the microwave.

I don't do much actual cooking in the microwave. I still love to make batches of microwaved potato chips and the occasional quick scrambled egg for one. Oh, and popcorn! I'm a microwave popcorn popping fiend. But I haven't really explored much beyond these few things.

What do you make in your microwave? Or have you decided to go microwave-free?

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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