Cabinet-Top Storage: Darling or Dangerous?

Cabinet-Top Storage: Darling or Dangerous?

I love the look of jars of wholesome staples. Comforting, timeless, full of delicious potential, they don't get to shine when tucked away in a crowded cabinet. It seems like a sensible use of space to display them on top of the cupboards, but I wonder how other people feel about it — especially those of you who live in earthquake country!

Things kept on top of the refrigerator stress me out, so I assume other people might feel the same about the top of the cupboards. And this being earthquake-prone San Francisco, it might really stress someone out. But I love it like this. I love how reaching up to grab polenta or lentils becomes part of the choreography of cooking in a tiny kitchen. And yes, I can reach them, on my toes, and it's always fun to be on your toes!

What do you all think? Should I wear a helmet when I cook? Would a plainer look be more pleasing, or just boring? Do you put the way-up-high spots to use in your home?

I should mention that these jars are rather empty because I'm doing a Cook Through The Pantry Challenge over at The Kitchn: I'm only buying produce until I've made my way through my stash of dry goods!

-- By Tess Wilson of Apartment Therapy

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(Image: Tess Wilson)

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