A Surplus Of Avocados: Should We Freeze Them?

A Surplus Of Avocados: Should We Freeze Them?

Emily Han
Aug 12, 2011

Perched on the side of the highway, the sign drew us in like a magnet: 20 Haas avocados for $5! We'd be fools not to take advantage of this incredible farmstand offer, right? So we pulled over, loaded up ... and now we can't eat these avocados fast enough.

We selected a mix of hard and soft fruits, thinking they'd ripen at different stages and we'd have plenty of time to eat them all. But now the whole lot is ripe and we have to admit that we've grown weary of eating avocados at every. single. meal. (scrambled eggs at breakfast, guacamole at lunch, salads at dinner...).

In hindsight, we should have immediately refrigerated the avocados rather than leave them out on the counter. Now that we're at the "do or die" stage or ripeness, we are considering freezing the avocados for later. Both the California Avocado Commission and Hass Avocado Board recommend puréeing ripe avocado flesh in a blender or food processor, adding 1 tablespoon of lemon juice per 1-2 avocados, and storing it in an airtight container with an inch of headspace. Apparently this avocado purée can last for 4-5 months in the freezer and be used in dishes like guacamole or smoothies. (Or perhaps ice cream!)

Have you ever frozen avocado? Did it retain a creamy texture and rich flavor? Or should we skip the freezing and just throw a big guacamole party?

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(Image: Emily Ho)

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