Cook's Confession: How Often Do You Clean the Oven?

Cook's Confession: How Often Do You Clean the Oven?

Emma Christensen
Jan 28, 2011

Ovens, as we've discovered and more than once, are not easy beasts to clean. It is mighty tempting to just avoid the situation altogether and put it off for weeks at a time. Sometimes months. Sometimes longer. Fess up, readers: how often do you clean your oven?!

I'll put myself under public scrutiny first. I confess that...well...I've never actually cleaned the oven. Ahem.

Oh, I'll shine up the window now and then, and I scrub away accidental spills as soon as the oven cools down. But a thorough top-to-bottom cleansing with rubber gloves up to my elbows and a bottle of degreaser at my side? Nope.

I really don't have a good defense for this. Partly it's that I just never notice. It's dark in there and the metal walls don't really show grime that well. Out of sight, out of mind, so to speak. Partly (and this is another confession sure to drive my landlord up the wall), I'm a renter and the oven feels less "mine" than my sofa or my bike, so I tend to neglect it. I know that's not at all a good attitude to have, but I'm being honest here!

Much like many things, I think that cleaning the oven is easier if you just make it a habit. I'm sure that if I committed myself to a deep clean and then made it a point to do a quick scrub-down every week, my oven - and my landlord - would be much happier. Hey, shouldn't there be a Kitchn Cure coming up sometime soon?

Ok, now that I've confessed my deep dark oven secret, I'd love to have some company. How often do you clean your oven? Any motivational tips for those of us with less than stellar records?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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