Good Company, Good Man: Bob Moore of Bob's Red Mill

Good Company, Good Man: Bob Moore of Bob's Red Mill

We really like Bob's Red Mill. The company uses trustworthy ingredients and methods, produces a wide variety of products, and stocks the shelves of most big grocery chains, making unusual ingredients like coconut flour much more accessible.

And after reading last week's profile of founder Bob Moore in The Washington Post, we're even bigger fans of the man, the company and its products.

Moore became interested in healthy eating and the benefits of whole grains after his father died of a heart attack at age 49, but success didn't come quickly. The original mill he and his wife started in the late 1980s was destroyed by an arsonist and at age 59, Moore had to start all over again.

But they found their niche selling whole grains, which aren't profitable enough for big companies to bother with, and working directly with customers rather than distributors. Their grains are ground with millstones, a slower method that suits the company's outlook:

Moore rejects a faster metal-roller process, which he says heats the products and shortens their shelf lives. "We built these machines," he says. "The others that existed, they screamed, got hot and went 94 miles per hour. I don't live my life that way, and I don't want my food that way."

Yet another reason to admire the 82-year-old Moore: last year he began giving stock shares to his employees, transferring the company's ownership to them rather than selling it off to a corporation.

Read the article: Bob Moore: A man with a mill and a mission

Our own Bob's Red Mill pantry staples are the Flaxseed Meal, the White Cornmeal and, when baking for gluten-intolerant friends, the Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour (the company's testing practices for gluten-free products are among the industry's most stringent).

What are your favorite Bob's Red Mill products?

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(Image: Bob's Red Mill)

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