Grilled Cheese: 14 Recipes and Tips for Soup's Best Friend

Grilled Cheese: 14 Recipes and Tips for Soup's Best Friend

Ok, maybe not its very best friend (some of you might prefer bread or salad). But grilled cheese and soup are more than just casual acquaintances. We love rounding out a meal of soup with a crusty, gooey grilled cheese—satisfying and complementary without stealing the show. (See? What a pal.) Here are our best tips and recipes from the archives.

Comte, Olive, and Arugula Grilled Cheese (pictured above). A sophisticated, salty, visually stunning version.
Salty and Sweet: Grilled Cheese on Raisin Bread. A duh combination, but one we never attempted until recently. So good.
Grilled Cheese with Tomato Chutney. We love the taste of a tomato on grilled cheese, but sometimes it can be unwieldy. Chutney melds better with the melted cheese.
Vegetarian Split Pea Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons. Here's your soup and grilled cheese in one bowl!
Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Part of our grilling roundup from a couple of summers ago.
Banana and Fromage Blanc Grilled Cheese. A sweet version from CHOW.
Grilled Kimcheeze. This sandwich from Serious Eats has some serious flavors going on.
Pimiento Cheese. Have you ever made a grilled cheese with pimiento cheese? It's divine.

The Toastabag: Grilled Cheese in the Office Toaster (below). A helpful little tool if you want to make grilled cheese in a slot toaster. Read Faith's review of it.
Toast-It Bags. More discussion of these waxy paper pouches.
The American Grilled Cheese Sandwich, from Good Food with Evan Kleiman. This episode explores the history of the grilled cheese and gives interesting tidbits and recipes.
Would You Put Cheese on a BLT? What's your verdict?
In Praise of American Cheese. Sometimes the plasticy squares win.
How to Make a Pressed Sandwich Without a Sandwich Press. All you need are some heavy skillets (and possibly a tea pot).

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(Images: Nina Callaway; Faith Durand)

(Originally published January 6, 2011)

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