Judge a Wine By Its Label: A (Less Than Serious) Guide

Judge a Wine By Its Label: A (Less Than Serious) Guide

Stephanie Barlow
Jun 10, 2011

It happens to me all the time: I walk into a wine store and am totally thrown off by the labels. Not what they say, exactly, but their design. Is that French Cabernet trying too hard with its italicized fancy cursive print? Could a really good wine be hiding behind that hideous illustration of three blind moose? Grub Street took these questions to the next level with their wine label guide.

Matthew Latkiewicz put together this somewhat genius take on judging a wine solely by its label. Or rather, judging what a label will most likely mean for the wine in its bottle. I have to admit I agree with his take:

I make the assumption that the crew who makes the wine also chooses the label, at least at some level, right? So, when a label appeals to me, I think: "Well, I like their font choices. I probably like their wine choices, too."

It's not fool-proof in the least, but when dropping by a wine shop without a given bottle in mind, how can you help but be a little influenced by the labels? Clearly a lot of time and money goes into creating these things, so why not give them some credit?

Do you judge wine by the label?

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(Image: Jen Cotton/Grub Street)

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