Lemonade Stands: The Debate For Regulation (Really!)

Lemonade Stands: The Debate For Regulation (Really!)

Stephanie Barlow
Aug 22, 2011

You may have heard lemonade stands in the news recently, specifically those stands run by kids that have been shut down by law enforcement. Sounds wacky, right? Apparently, there's a pretty big argument out there for regulation of lemonade stands, and the supporters are anything but jovial.

Forbes reports that many supporters of crackdowns on lemonade stands and other operations that sidestep rules that businesses and adults have to follow, argue that kids shouldn't be granted special treatment. If kids are running a lemonade stand, they should have a permit and health department inspection, just like the neighborhood Jamba Juice. I feel like Seth Meyers on SNL saying "Really?" What kind of big business lemonade operations are they thinking of? My lemonade stand consisted of daily sales totaling $5 if I was lucky. And as for health code violations, I think it's pretty clear that when you visit a stand selling drinks that children are making, you are entering a zone of somewhat low expectations.

Perhaps there are some large-scale lemonade operations happening out there, or parents using kids as fronts to rack in some cash. However, to call for regulation as a rule introduces some serious barriers to entry and only discourages the entrepreneurial spirit of our kids. To protest this trend, pro-lemonade stand activists (yes, they exist!) named this past Saturday "Lemonade Freedom Day."

How do you feel about lemonade stand regulation?

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