No Cheap Chicken: A New Year's Food Resolution

No Cheap Chicken: A New Year's Food Resolution

Inspired by a commercial for cold cuts, Salon's Francis Lam has decided to give up cheap chicken in 2011. I took a similar vow a year ago, deciding to only eat sustainably-raised meat, and have found the decision extremely rewarding. Is this a choice you are considering for the coming year?

Lam points out a dilemma in his decision: it means giving up his favorite fried chicken joint in Harlem. What is more important, a commitment to buying only sustainably-raised meat or support for a local business he believes in? Lam offers no conclusive answers to his predicament, but points out that the ambiguity is important:

I think that nebulousness is actually at the heart of this challenge: to learn to make my eating choices deliberately, consciously. Because what does "cheap" mean but for something to not be valued? Price is supposed to be a reflection of that, not a determination. And what I'm saying is: I want to not ever take my food for granted.

For my own part, this decision seemed inevitable after learning so much about factory farm conditions and feeling unable to rationalize the inexpensive meat on my plate. Avoiding the temptation of inexpensive, tasty meat has not always been easy, but the choices that feel right to me have become clearer over time. I look forward to reading Francis Lam's thoughts on his life without cheap chicken in the coming year.

Read the article: A vow for 2011: No cheap chicken - Salon

Have you ever reconsidered your choices when it comes to meat? What are your own food resolutions for 2011?

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