One Dining Room, Two Dining Tables

One Dining Room, Two Dining Tables

Regina Yunghans
Feb 8, 2011

Growing up, my family had two tables in the dining room. Not pushed together, mind you, but two separate dining tables with two different sets of chairs as if set up in separate rooms. Except they weren't. It was one dining room with two dining tables. I always thought it strange until I got older:

You see, one table was small and cozy. The four of us ate home-cooked dinners there every single night. There were four chairs for four people: no extra seats or table space to make us feel spread out and separated. Instead, we felt close and intimate.

The second dining table was long and sat at least eight. It was only used on holidays or when company came over for dinner. For dining, that is. In the meantime, the larger table could be filled with school projects and wouldn't need to be cleared for every meal.

When entertaining a particularly large group, both tables could be pushed together to accommodate even more people. Or they could be kept separate for an "adult table" and "kids' table".

Have you ever spotted a dining room with two tables? Did it strike you as weird or do you think the setup could be useful?

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(Image: S.R. Gambrel)

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