Pressure Cookers: Making a Comeback?

Pressure Cookers: Making a Comeback?

Anjali Prasertong
Jun 13, 2011

The pressure cooker is a kitchen staple elsewhere in the world because it cooks food more quickly and economically, making short work of tougher (and cheaper) cuts of meat or from-scratch beans. Many Americans still see them as dangerous, but NPR says pressure cookers may be poised for a comeback.

Pressure cookers gained popularity during World War Two, as women joined the workforce and looked for ways to quickly get dinner on the table after a long day on the job. But the early technology was far from foolproof, resulting in exploding meals that colored people's perceptions of pressure cookers to this day, though modern versions are safe and easy to use.

An economical, time-saving, and energy-efficient kitchen tool does sound like something cooks these days should be embracing. With the approach of summer, the idea of turning on the stove for as little time as possible also has definite appeal.

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Do you own a pressure cooker? Or has its dangerous reputation kept you from buying one?

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(Images: Cornell University Library; Flickr member FotoosVanRobin licensed under Creative Commons)

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