Slurping Ramen: Unexpected Table Manners Around the World

Slurping Ramen: Unexpected Table Manners Around the World

Maybe you've heard that it is perfectly fine to slurp your noodles in Japan, but did you know that the Inuit people of Canada find burping at the end of a meal acceptable — and that there is a scientific explanation for it? A slideshow from the Daily Meal showcases some surprising dining habits from Afghanistan to Zambia.

Some habits would be frowned upon by Miss Manners, like the practice in some parts of Korea of spitting fish bones on the table or floor. Others are intriguing: in Ethiopia, people feed each other with their bare hands in a tradition called "gursha." And if you're offered a dried-out mouse as an appetizer in Zambia, start with the head and don't eat the tail.

The end-of-meal belching, by the way, is probably caused by the Inuits' diet rich in omega-3s, which are known to cause burping.

Check it out: Unexpected Table Manners Around the World - The Daily Meal

Have you ever encountered any surprising table manners while traveling?

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