Sticky and Savory: 7 Recipes with Marmite (...or Vegemite)

Sticky and Savory: 7 Recipes with Marmite (...or Vegemite)

Emma Christensen
Jun 14, 2011

I think we can all agree that marmite and vegemite can be considered an acquired taste. Personally, I love a thin smear of marmite on a piece of buttered toast, so pungent that it makes my tongue tingle. But love it or hate it, there are still plenty of ways to use this sticky paste in the kitchen.

Dark Sticky Lamb Stew from Jamie Oliver - A generous spoonful of marmite gives this stew some heft.

Marmite Chicken from Pig Pig's Corner - Deep-fried chicken in a sticky marmite sauce? Um...yes, please.

Vegemite Caramel Pots with Chocolate Ganache from The Island of Dr. Gateau - Salty sweet is a combination I will always love.

Black Pepper and Marmite Boule from Roti n Rice - Marmite gives this round of bread a true malty undertone.

Marmite Prawns from Babe in the City - More sticky sauces with marmite. Keep 'em coming.

Vegemite Lamb and Black Beans with Mushroom Soup from Fork Spoon Knife - So much savory umami goodness in one dish.

Cheese and Vegemite Scrolls from Xesla Research Organization - These vegemite-a-licious dinner rolls are calling my name.

How do you cook with marmite or vegemite?

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(Images: David Loftus/Jamie Oliver and Ann of Pig Pig's Corner)

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