Sweet Treat: Homemade Pixie Sticks

Sweet Treat: Homemade Pixie Sticks

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 14, 2011

The ingredients in a traditional store-bought pixie stick candy are a little hazy for me as I never really stopped to check before seeing how many I could pour in my mouth when I was younger. I'm sure there's a few preservatives, some dye, sugar, and everyone's favorite — artificial flavoring! These homemade versions are simply fruit and citric acid. Sweet!

Over at the DIY blog Instructables, there's been a little fun in the kitchen. This recipe for homemade pixie sticks is not only an awesome idea, but is perfect for summer parties and entertaining. The idea is simple: grind freeze-dried fruit and citric acid until it turns to powder, fill wrappers, store and eat.

Although the idea of filling individual pixie sticks probably isn't topping anyone's favorite things to do list, we're willing to bet that although laborious that it's one of those projects which goes quickly once you get in the groove of things. We like the idea as it uses real fruit and to be quite honest, who doesn't love a good pixie stick now and again?

Get the full recipe at Instructables

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(Image: Instructables user canida)

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