The Hario Teapot: Six Reasons Why This is My Favorite!

The Hario Teapot: Six Reasons Why This is My Favorite!

Dana Velden
Feb 9, 2011

I received this Hario teapot for Christmas last year (along with another fun kitchen item) and knew instantly that I would like it. But after 6 weeks of almost daily use, I know now that I love it.

Read on for my reasons why and share your favorite teapot stories with us in the comments.

While my first cup of tea in the morning is of the tea-bag-brewed-in-mug variety, I often like to treat myself to a post-lunch, properly brewed pot of loose leaf Assam. It helps me get over the slump of the afternoon and I like the extra fuss of brewing loose leaf tea. It makes me feel like I'm treating myself to something special which, of course, I am! And my new Hario pot makes this ritual even more of a treat.

Seven Reasons Why I Love This Teapot

1. It's glass
This allows me to easily see the color of the tea which helps me to judge when it's done, without having to lift the lid.

2. The basket strainer
The fine mesh really contains the tea leaves but even more importantly, this strainer is large enough that the leaves can expand fully, allowing for maximum extraction. When the tea is done brewing, the strainer is easy to lift out of the pot, thus avoiding ofter-steeped, bitter tea.

3. The ratio of strainer to teapot
The wide strainer fits the pot's squat shape, again maximizing the exposure of the tea leaves to the water.

4. Its size
This 700 ml size (approx 24 oz) is perfect for a nice large post-lunch mug of tea. Or two smaller cups if someone is joining you. It wraps up nicely in a tea towel (my alternative choice for a tea cosy.)

5. It's easy to clean
The wide mouth makes it easy to get my sponge and hand inside for washing up. As with any strainer, you may have to give a few extra taps on the side of the compost bucket to get all the leaves out. And then it's just a matter of a simple rinse.

6. It's pretty
I have a number of ceramic teapots, some of them vintage and quite attractive. But I like the simple, modern design of this pot and the way I can see the lovely amber tones of the brewed tea and the pretty patterns of condensation that form on the sides and lids.

The Hario teapot can be used in the microwave if you remove the strainer but is not suitable for direct stove top use. Coffee lovers may recognize the Japanese-made Hario brand which has been getting a lot of attention for their well-designed coffeeware.

• Hario 700 ml Teapot, from Merae, $26.00

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(Image: Merae)

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