Perfection Is Fleeting: Tips for Eating Fruit At Its Ripest

Perfection Is Fleeting: Tips for Eating Fruit At Its Ripest

Anjali Prasertong
Aug 17, 2011

Not all fruit ripens in the same way. CNN's Eatocracy blog offers some tips for identifying peak ripeness in fruits like peaches, pears, passionfruits and bananas, so you can be sure you are eating them at their best.

Some fruits, for example, are better when wrinkly. Satsuma mandarin and passionfruit are best eaten after their skins have shriveled a bit. A perfectly ripe peach, however, will have smooth skin that gives slightly when gently squeezed. The best way to reach this state of ripeness is outside the refrigerator, as peaches turn mushy when stored in temperatures below 46 degrees F.

Interestingly, pears ripen from the inside out, so if they are a little soft on the outside, they will be ripe throughout. And peak ripeness is subjective in fruits like green Thompson grapes and bananas; look to the color to figure out how ripe, and therefore how sweet, the fruits are. Personally, I like both my grapes and my bananas a little more green!

Check it out: How to eat fruit at the peak of ripeness at CNN Eatocracy

Do you have any tips for identifying fruit at its peak ripeness?

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