Vegan-ish Dark Chocolate and Agave Cream Pie

Vegan-ish Dark Chocolate and Agave Cream Pie

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 13, 2011

So "vegan-ish" isn't really a thing, but this recipe is so close we can almost taste it! With a few small adjustments this recipe can be entertaining a crowd of all types, no matter what their dietary restrictions. This pie is such a rich and indulgent mixture of tofu, chocolate, and agave that you don't even have to bake it!

I ran across this Flickr find a few months back when looking for a photo of whipped cream. It struck me then and I tucked it away, swearing I would make it sometime during the holiday season. I never got around to it, but it's so simple there's no more keeping it to myself.

Here's what Flickr member Samat Jain had to say about making it at home:

"It was incredibly simple. Melted Ghirardelli dark chocolate (I hate how much most commercial pies use milk chocolate), a spoon of agave syrup, and two packages (the room-temperature aseptic variety) of Japanese silken tofu. Blend. Pour. Chill. Devour."

The only potential non-vegan thing about this pie is the chocolate. Many chocolates contain milk. True story. Hit your local health food store and watch your package labels and you'll do just fine converting this recipe to a vegan-friendly mixture.

Although there's no specific recipe to be had, we're guessing that even if you're a "by the letter recipe follower" that you can take a guess. Start with a pre-baked vegan pie shell or graham cracker crust and mix the other ingredients as it feels right. It's a great recipe to test your "wing it" skills as you'll just need to make sure it's sweet enough and chocolatey enough before chilling. Add ingredients slowly and taste as you go!

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(Image: Flickr member Samat Jain licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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