Why Monday May Be the Best Evening for a Dinner Party

Why Monday May Be the Best Evening for a Dinner Party

Faith Durand
May 2, 2011

When you're considering having a few friends over to dinner, which evenings of the week come to mind? Friday night, perhaps, after the pressures of the work week are finished, or Saturday (not a school night either). But what about Monday night? A blogger I enjoy recently made a case for Monday night dinner parties, and here's why.

Monday night may be the last night that you would usually think to host a dinner party or have friends over. The week has just begun; the relaxed vibe of the weekend is gone, right? Well, perhaps not. Emily of EmilyStyle points out three reasons to host a dinner on Monday night:

1. The host or hostess has the whole weekend to prep for the party, without actually giving up any of their weekend nights. If you choose a make-ahead menu (more on that this week) you could have practically the entire dinner ready ahead of time.

2. Emily also claims that it's easy to invite guests, because who has plans on a Monday night?

3. And finally, no one feels any pressure to stick around late. You can have a nice dinner at 7pm, a couple glasses of wine or a cocktail, and a relaxed dessert, but still be home and all finished by 10pm. Less pressure for guests, and for the host.

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What do you think? Could Monday night be your new Friday?

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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