Best Work-Out Snacks: What Do You Eat Before Exercising?

Best Work-Out Snacks: What Do You Eat Before Exercising?

Emma Christensen
Jun 27, 2011

Sometimes I find it tricky to coordinate my work-out with my stomach. I don't want to go on a run while I'm starving, but neither do I want a full belly. I've tried everything from granola bars to bananas over the years, with varying degrees of success. What, and when, do you eat before a work out?

I'm no nutrition expert and am only going on my experience here. I should also say that I'm not a hardcore exerciser; my habit is to go for a run a few times a week. With those disclaimers, I'll say that what I most often want before a work-out is quick energy. Additionally, it's nice to have something that will satisfy my stomach without filling me up.

After trying a lot of store-bought energy bars and the like, I've eventually settled on these favorite pre-exercise snacks:

• A banana
• A handful of pretzels
• A piece of toast
• A small handful of chocolate
• A handful of nuts and dried fruit

I usually eat one of these snacks about 15 minutes before heading out for my run to give it time to settle in my stomach and to let the sugar hit my bloodstream. I've been following this routine for a few years now and it seems to work well for me.

What about you? What are your favorite snacks for eating before a work-out?

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(Images: Emma Christensen)

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